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We pledge to wok-the-wok everyday for you
Delivering top Sushi & Chinese Cuisine
Made-to-Order, Made-Fresh & Made-Right

We know you are busy rocking…
Leave the rolling to us!


Taste the difference of Bento’s homemade sauces & fresh triple-A fish We invite you to explore our award-winning Chef’s delicately arranged Sushi creations…

Try the Bento Roll for a tasty sample of our red tuna & Hamachi topped with crunchy flakes. Get in Miami-mode with our Caribe Roll featuring a coconut shrimp tempura topped with sweet plantains. Try something new with the Glas Lemon Roll featuring cilantro, jalapenos & lemon slices or Fred’s Roll with red tuna & sweet potato tempura drizzled with our own sweet eel sauce. Looking for a Vegan delight? Try our new Raw Love Roll for a nutty cheese with a gingery finish. Go to the Menu Page for a full list & ingredient details…
Check back often, we’re always rolling something new in Bento!


Try Bento’s wok-infused Chinese favorites, all delivered to you hot & tasty. Bento’s sauces & hot-wok dishes are all homemade & prepared on the spot to ensure your meal is hot, fresh & delicious.
Are you hungry for something new from our Wok? Try our signature Bento! Special Fried Rice with buttery Duck Foie-Gras and steak strips…
Or keep it classic with Kung Pao/Sweet & Sour Chicken, Mongolian Beef or sweet Honey & Sesame Chicken… All delivered to you hot & delicious!



Bento is a full service restaurant & top-rated Sushi & Chinese delivery
Serving all of Brickell, Brickell Key & Downtown Miami

Bento is committed to serving Brickell, Brickell Key & Downtown Miami with the best ingredients & most authentic Asian dishes.
Your meal is always made fresh on the spot & to your liking...

Taste the difference of Bento’s AAA fresh fish & delicate Sushi

Try our wok-infused Chinese favorites; Kung Pao, Sweet & Sour, Mongolian Beef, Mandarin Shrimp, Honey & Sesame Chicken…
All delivered to you hot & delicious!

Bento is on a mission to get your meal rolling out fast in our reliable Honda scooters or with our friendly affiliates at DoorStep Delivery

Bento’s strategic Brickell location in The Four Ambassadors Building on Brickell Bay Drive & 8th Street allows for fast, efficient deliveries.

Just over the bridge from Brickell Key, Bento is the premier Asian food delivery service for the Island’s residents…

Oh, we pledge one more thing!
Rain or shine, your delivery will be on time!